• Convenient direct dealer interface with DealerTrack & RouteOne to capture Indirect loan applications from over 20,000 auto dealers nationwide
  • Minimize fraud with thorough & professional back-office validation on every loan
  • Standardize decisions within your organization for a consistent, quality loan portfolio - based on your loan standards


     Technology that brings your members to you!

Intelligent Automated Decisions

If you can think it... you can build it!


  • Get only the loans you want with advanced automation
  • Decisioning capabilities based on your specific criteria
  • Capture both direct and indirect member loans
  • Increased underwriting consistency
  • Increased loan approvals
  • Increased membership
  • Increased funding ratio


  • Identifies your Member at Point of Sale
  • Sends the loan application to the right credit union(s) for decisioning 
  • You get a fair and equal shot at approving your existing and potential members directly from the dealership!
  • Interfaced with RouteOne and DealerTrack"
  • CULE's automated 24/7 decisioning model 
    makes the same underwriting decisions automatically that you make manually, but in seconds and consistently!
  • Custom decisions are  based on your specific loan criteria
  • Multiple iterations or "what-if" scenarios can be built-in to the automated process,  resulting in increased approvals
  • Aggregated Lenders bring growth in highly competitive market place!

Efficient & Convenient

Multiple features to simplify and streamline

 Experience How Our Clients Are Enjoying Consistent, Sustainable, Quality Loan & Member Growth, Efficiently With Confidence On Our Highly Advanced Automated Lending Platform Today! 

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