The CU Lending Edge, Lendsys, LLC and Lendgistics, LLC companies work in collaboration to serve your needs. Lendsys LLC is the software company dedicated to continuing the ongoing development of the core software system. Lendgistics, LLC retains an exclusive relationship with Lendsys, LLC for the software marketing and distribution and provides operational back-office loan processing and validation services for lenders. CU Lending Edge is the national marketing and processing center for the lending services provided exclusively to credit unions and their CUSO's.

​​Indirect and Direct, Automated Lending Software. 

Operational Efficiency. Quality Controls

CU Lending Edge (CULE) is a collaboration of financial institutions and lending services related companies including credit unions, automobile dealers, and several other lending services related companies that bring together the skills and resources of each collaborator to provide one of the most powerful automated decisioning engines and direct and indirect lending platforms available in the marketplace today. CULE and its related companies were developed as a result of our recognizing that many major lending needs were not being met by other lending services providers.  CU Lending Edge is more than just a software provider, more than just a loan validation and processing service, and more than just an indirect lending program provider. It is a concept and structure that is credit union in origin and operation. The system has been structured and designed as a national program that can cost effectively serve any financial institution or credit union, regardless of size, field of membership, or geographical location.

CU Lending Edge utilizes a proprietary software program developed by Lendsys, LLC to operate and manage our national credit union lending program. CU Lending Edge is the credit union movement's proprietary system based on the Lendsys, LLC software and Lendgistics, LLC processes, which have been developed and tested over the past three  years. Unlike any other software or lending system provider in the marketplace, the CU Lending Edge program allows credit unions and their subsidiary CUSO's to literally own protected territories which leads to opportunities to own a major portion of the software developed for credit unions. Overall, CULE provides a platform for initial and continued collaboration between multiple credit unions in each local and regional market, eventually leading to the integration of a full national program owned and operated by credit unions for credit unions.

Our Structure

Our Vision

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Vision:  Offer New Solutions to Compete Effectively

Clever enhancements in software, with first-hand dealership operations background...making this the most robust decisioning system today!

Our management team and staff members are experienced, knowledgeable,  and dedicated  professionals who are focused on helping our clients maximize their lending potential!

We work with each lender designing their specific loan criteria to appropriately compete within their marketplace.

Who we are...

Each member of our Senior Management team has over 20 years of proven and progressive consumer lending and auto dealership background.