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CUSO Opportunities - Detailed Reading Page

Real opportunities to collaborate and provide the marketplace with truly innovative alternative choices don't come along that often in our movement. 

Our unique automated loan-decisioning engine coupled with our proprietary automated MemberMatch program alone makes it worth taking time to

understand the LENDING EDGE opportunity for CUSO's.  Combined with the opportunity to operate a local or regional turn-key lending operation that

is understood by all credit unions, boards, and staff, it’s simply a win-win for everyone involved. If you’ve reviewed the other web pages describing the

CU Lending Edge program you should have a good understanding of the benefits the program brings to credit unions. Imagine stepping that up a notch

or two and being the actual provider of the program to other credit unions. That’s the CUSO opportunity.

Own the Territory! Own The Business and Relationships! Own the Software!

If you’ve reviewed the other web pages describing the CU Lending Edge program you should have a good understanding of the benefits the program brings to credit unions. Imagine stepping that up a notch or two and being the actual provider of the program to other credit unions. That’s the CUSO opportunity.

Existing CUSO’s - CU’s Thinking About Forming New CUSO’s – Opportunities Abound!
Our system and methodologies were built with the idea of collaborating with multiple CUSO’s and credit unions to build a national scope program for credit unions.  CU LENDING EDGE provides CUSO’s a low-cost, high-output alternative to starting and operating a financially viable, service oriented CUSO.

Regardless of your CUSO structure and operating philosophy you can rest assured you’ll be providing your lending and dealer partners with a program built on two major premises, and with systems that are unequaled in the marketplace today.

Premise 1. The market place doesn’t need another traditional lending, loan origination or lending aggregator program, the market wants and needs something different!

Premise 2. If you can’t do it different and better, don’t do it at all! (There are plenty of competing and duplicate alternatives out there, but none offer any real differentiation or uniqueness.)

Turn Key Operation Opportunity

By taking a contrarian approach to the program and software development combined with CUSO collaboration experience we have created a new standard in the indirect as well as direct lending model.  While program success is not specifically dependent on collaboration with other CUSO’s and system owned entities, the program was specifically developed to allow collaborators to achieve exponential gains in market share and volume through collaboration.  We are willing and ready to share our credit union lending and operations knowledge and technology to collectively serve credit unions and CUSO’s. 

What other CUSO opportunity today provides a complete turn-key package in a product line that every credit union needs (Loans and Income) with an opportunity for immediate start-up and revenue generation?  We encourage existing CUSO's especially to take a look the opportunities of adding CU Lending Edge as an additional product line in your CUSO, to grow your CUSO by helping other credit unions grow their loan portfolios.


To sweeten the opportunity further, select CUSO’s have a ground floor opportunity to purchase ownership in and to collaborate and operate at a local or even regional level within the national structure. Literally, CUSO’s can own a protected territory where no other credit union or related entity will be allowed to utilize a multi-user aggregated software platform within the geographical boundaries defined as their protected territory. So rather than making money for a non-system owned provider, CUSO’s or credit unions that own the territory can generate non-interest income (NII) for their entity without fear of competition or being beaten down or taken over by the big guys in the marketplace. This opportunity alone makes the CU Lending Edge concept and operating model the most unique in the credit union marketplace today. But there’s even more. . .

Linking Local and Regional Providers To Build A National Brand And Platform

The ultimate strategic goal of the CUSO ownership structure is to build a national program whereby the initial CUSO’s eventually combine resources and collaborate to become one true national program, and whereby many of the participant credit unions being serviced by the program become the ultimate owners of the national program. This is the most proven and most successful model for CUSO's! Look no further than CUSO's like the ATM CO-OP Network, FSCC, PSCU and CU* answers to understand the power of credit union collaboration and building a national brand.   To request a CUSO development and/or protected territory, ownership package, please contact Walt Agius, Managing Partner for CU LENDING EDGE at Wagius@culendingedge.com or feel free to call Walt and speak to him directly at (818) 456-5093.

CUSO and Non-CUSO Non-Territory Owner Partner Opportunities

Credit unions and CUSO’s need not become protected territory owners to utilize the program and serve CUs in their local and regional areas.

The entire system as well as pricing mechanisms have been devised to make it meaningful and profitable for any CUSO or even individual credit unions to add the CU Lending Edge model to their service offerings and to utilize the CU LENDING EDGE platform as a resale program to other credit unions. Non-territory owner partners still have access to the system and all of the benefits of MemberMatch and the automated loan decision engine. The only differences between the operating models are that there is no competitive territory protection and the pricing to non-territory owners is at a slightly higher level. However, there is still plenty of margin for non-territory owners to quickly derive and maintain significant and sustainable bottom line income from the program.

Existing CUSO’s – Looking For New product and Revenue Opportunities?

For existing CUSO’s (whether you are currently in the indirect marketplace or not) that want to add additional new and profitable product lines to their offerings, CU LENDING EDGE may be just what you have been looking for! If you are already in the indirect game, you’ll definitely want to consider how the CU LENDING EDGE custom built software and operating platform can transform your current business into a highly efficient and profitable business. If you are looking for new products and income opportunities for your CUSO, this is one you should strongly consider.

Thinking of Collaborating or Starting a New CUSO?

If an individual CU or a group of CUs is thinking about starting a CUSO, especially to collaborate and to share and minimize duplication of resources, it makes sense to consider CU LENDING EDGE as a viable business line. The turn-key start-up processes, protected territories, combined with the existing expertise and knowledge of your credit unions allows you to very quickly implement your own collaborative loan origination and decisioning operating platform. We can show any number of CUs that want to collaborate and share or minimize expense - exactly how to establish and efficiently operate an indirect lending CUSO with the CU LENDING EDGE software and operating platform.

If you would like more information on how CU LENDING EDGE and its parent companies (Lendsys or Lendgistics) can help your CUSO meet your loan goals, or you are considering the opportunity of developing a collaborative CUSO utilizing the Lendsys software or any of the system components, please contact Walt Agius at Wagius@CULendingEdge.com or feel free to call Walt and speak to him directly at(818) 456-5093.