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CU Lending Edge (CULE - Pronounced COOL) serves both franchise and independent automobile dealers in securing automated loan decisions on new and used auto loan contracts CULE is unlike any previous loan aggregator program in the marketplace. CULE was built from the ground up in collaboration with lenders and dealers. It is different and it is meant to be different. We know you don't need just another lender or even group of lenders but a system that works on your behalf to close the gaps between getting the deal closed and closing the loan to complete every deal in confidence!

Why CU Lending Edge? Loan Approvals are Automated (Instant Decisioning) and Approved As Is! Have We Got Your Attention?

In providing service to our dealers the CULE philosophy is simple; We understand that you as the dealer don't control your buyer’s credit and financial situation. So we designed a program that with one submission from you aggregates multiple lenders and then searches the database of lenders to find you an instant approval on nearly every deal submitted. Only the most credit challenged applicants will have difficulty with instant online approvals in our system, and you expect that. Each lender creates their own custom loan decisioning criteria directly in the system, so information is not being routed to lenders, the lending decision is actually being made in the CULE system. This saves time and allows the CULE system, as a single entity to communicate decisions back to you, as the dealer, in real time. When an approval is granted on a loan you submit in the CULE system, it is approved "as is". That means lenders are not allowed to "condition" or change the structure of the original deal you submitted. This is huge!

CULE's Auction and Pass Through Process For Loans That Can't Be Auto-Approved
We all know that there will be some loans that just can't be approved "as is" in an automated process. For these loans we have created two additional processes that allow our lenders to provide dealers with the highest loan approval ratios in the business.

When loans come in that are outside of the auto approval guidelines for every lender in the system, those loans are dropped into an auction queue for all lenders to view in detail and decision. The loans are available in the queue for a short time frame, generally 15 minutes, and while in the queue a lender can review every aspect of the deal structure as well as the entire financial situation of the applicant to determine the reasons that the loan fell outside of their guidelines. If a lender decides to accept the loan and complete the approval process in the auction queue, you'll receive an approval status indicator and that's it! You submit the package, we'll complete the verification process.  If everything checks out, the loan is funded. Even with an auction approved loan there are no messy and complicated conditions or additional stipulations to meet.

CULE Pass-Through

For the most credit or structure challenged loans, CULE has developed a unique pass-through program that continues to push your loan application out to multiple lenders that specialize in challenged deals. These loans will likely be stipped and conditioned, but that's no surprise to you.

The Big Three Reasons To Use CULE

1. RouteOne and DealerTrack program interface with our system                                                                                                                                                The RouteOne and DealerTrack interfaces allow you to select CULE as a lender of choice in your dealer core operating system for immediate loan application submission,   without logging in to a separate system. RouteOne and DealerTrack interface also means that any dealer, anywhere on these systems can participate in the program at any time.         

2. Unlimited access to multiple lenders all under one roof  The consistency and ease of the CULE system eliminates having to deal with multiple lenders, their dealer reps and separate underwriting standards and guidelines for each individual lender. You can get rid of that bulky lender program binder because you won't be maintaining separate rate sheets for each lender in this system.  You'll have one set of program guidelines and underwriting standards for all of the lenders in our system since the rate sheets and underwriting guidelines are aggregated to make your life as a dealer simpler! That means you can spend more time closing deals and completing other important tasks because you won't need to meet with individual dealer reps from multiple lenders.

3. Consistency in loan processing and packaging

One of the most important and time saving advantages of the CULE system is the consistency of the aggregated back-office processing and loan packaging. CULE acts as both the

front-end and back-end for the lenders in the system. So you send us the loan package and you deal with one entity, consistently throughout the processing and funding of each

loan. Dealing with one entity rather than individual lenders streamlines the process for you as the dealer and for us. We get to know you and you get to know us, and by the third or fourth completed deal (packaging to funding) everyone understands the process and we're off and rolling.

Did We Mention Next-Day Funding?
Through our automated and electronic ACH process, we can fund you the very next day after we receive and validate a loan package. Just make certain you send complete and accurate loan packages (we've got a simple packaging checklist to follow) and you can have funds from closed deals in your account as soon as 48 hours after approval!

There Are Many More Features of the Program That We Know You'll Love . . . Such As:

Low Monthly Fees* -  Why are you paying hefty fees to have access to lenders, especially credit unions? Our dealers pay a low monthly fee (less than $100 per month) and have ongoing access to multiple lenders for every submission.

No Back-end product Sales Unwinds From Our Lenders 

We've carefully crafted the lender underwriting guidelines and lender agreement to assure our dealers that when the back-end product sales meet the program criteria, lenders will not unwind these sales. Our lenders understand that these sales and their profits to dealers are critical and every lender has agreed to the back-end product maximum price guidelines stipulated in the CULE underwriting and rate sheets in order to provide consistent and fair profits to our participating dealers.

Highly Competitive and Liberal Underwriting Guidelines and Rates

Credit unions have always provided their members with exceptional rates and service. The participating CUs in the CULE program are no exception. The underwriting guidelines, rates, terms, and pre-conditioned stipulations are some of the most competitive and most liberal of all lenders in the marketplace today. While rates and terms may vary by lender, the underwriting guidelines and standard stipulations are consistent across the board with all lenders in the system. This means that as long as you submit a real deal within the guidelines, chances are you'll get an instant auto-approval from the system.

Dealer Participation's Paid on Every Funded Loan...with an opportunity for increased payout on new member loan fundings

Dealers will earn a standard dealer participation for their marketplace and production levels on every funded CULE loan. No negotiations, no muss or fuss. Our lenders value the dealer relationship and are happy to provide dealers a participation fee for all funded loans. Many of our lenders are willing to pay a premium* for new or non-member loans with rate mark-ups where the regulations allow such a premium to be paid. (*some state and government regulations and restrictions apply to rate mark-ups and dealer participation.)

We can go on and on about the benefits -  but the summary is that you,a
s a dealer, have nothing to lose and everything to gain by checking out the CULE system.