Next Day Funding

Automated ACH

Fast approvals. Fast Funding

RouteOne & DealerTrack

Interface with CULE

 Instant submissions at your fingertips

  • Funds can be transferred to you within 48 hours of  approval.
    Through the automated and electronic ACH process through Lender, we can fund you the very next day after we receive and validate a loan package.
  • Just follow our simple packing checklist and send us  complete and accurate loan packages

Unlimited Access to

Multiple Lenders all at once

   One Rate Sheet. One submission!

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  • These interfaces allow you to select CULE as a lender of choice in your dealer core operating system. 
  • Submit applications immediately -  without logging onto a separate system
  • Any dealer, anywhere on these systems can participate in the program at any time.

  • You won't have to deal with multiple lenders, their dealer reps and separate underwriting standards and guidelines for each individual lender.
  • Get rid of that bulky lender program binder because you won't be maintaining separate rate sheets for each lender in this system. 
  • You'll have one set of program guidelines and underwriting standards for all of the lenders in our system since the rate sheets and underwriting guidelines are aggregated to make your life as a dealer simpler!