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Indirect and Direct Lending Software . . .
Access To Quality Loan Capture at Point of Sale


“CU” stands for our origins in the credit union industry.  “Lending Edge” describes the actual lending edge garnered by our lenders and dealers that utilize the system. For credit union lenders the most important aspect of the system, Automated MemberMatch, automatically matches actual credit union members with the loan applications coming into the system from dealers, and sends the loans to the right credit union(s) for decisioning.  This ensures that every participating CU on the program gets a fair and equal shot at approving their existing members! For dealers, this means a higher approval and funding ratio on both direct and indirect loans! Indirect loans can also be acquired for CU lenders as non-members are also matched to the appropriate CU and routed for decisioning based solely on each individual lender’s custom criteria. The system ensures that each lender gets only the loans they want!  By aggregating the power of hundreds to potentially thousands of lenders matched to the loan potential from thousands of dealers, our process links the right deals to the right lenders ensuring all players in the lending process - including the consumer - get a win! The primary purpose of the business is aggregating, sorting, and approving loans submitted by dealers, and ultimately funding those loans. We’ve designed a fair and balanced system that serves all parties in each transaction equally well: every time!

A few of our advantages: 

  • We serve CU's of any size and any field of membership configuration, in any market
  • RouteOne®and DealerTrack Interface provides access to over 20,000 franchise and quality independent dealers nationwide
  • MemberMatch is true state-of-the-art technology with advanced decisioning abilities that was designed specifically for our Credit Union Partners to ensure capture of existing member loans as well as potential members at point of sale
  • “Next-in-Line” loan assignment ensures every credit union in the system has the opportunity to instantly capture a proportionate share of loan business at the point of sale 
  • Automated, customizable and truly advanced automated loan decisioning based on each individual lender requirements & yields (you only get the type of loans you want...no "junk" apps)
  • 24/7/365 loan decisioning at an iterative level never seen before
  • By matching multiple dealers to a variety of lenders in each market, dealers get more approvals with greater efficiencies and funding, which in turn brings more loans to our CU lenders
  • National scope and market coverage to provide scalable efficiencies

Coupling contrarian concepts with conventional wisdom and experience make for the most unique and balanced lending program for credit unions in today's marketplace.

While the name CU Lending Edge is relatively new in the indirect game, each member of our Sr. management team has over 20 years of proven and progressive consumer lending background, with over five years of software development, and dealership operations background. In addition, the team operated a pilot program  for more than 2 years, with multiple lenders and over 100 auto dealers in the marketplace. Utilizing and testing three other national lending software programs during the pilot phase convinced us that the only way to serve the lenders, dealers, and consumers in the marketplace was to create and build a completely advanced, robust, and innovative decisioning program/system that provides our lenders with the ultimate confidence in their credit decisioning. As a lender and dealer on this program you can be confident that you'll save enormous resource time and expenses and that you'll only receive the type of deals that you want. 

If you are a lender, franchise or independent dealer, CUSO, or any entity with multiple lender or dealer relationships and you are looking for an opportunity to generate additional revenue,  touch base to find out how you can expand your business and meet your goals through our program. We understand the value of aggregation and collaboration to create strategic and tactical win-win situations for our partners.