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 Opportunities  for CUs Detailed Reading Page

CU LENDING EDGE (CULE, Pronounced, COOL) Can Help Any Credit Union of Any Shape, Size or Geographic Market

Location Increase Direct and Indirect Loan Volume!

The software and operating platform utilized by CU Lending Edge was developed specifically to provide credit unions of any size or field of membership

configuration and in any market in the US the opportunity to build and participate in a quality and sustainable loan growth program. The lending software 

provides an opportunity to cost-effectively, individually, and in aggregation, participate in direct as well as indirect lending programs, easily building loan

volume by automatically capturing your existing (and potential) members loans at point of sale!

Are There Really Any Credit Unions That Don't Want To Capture Existing Member's Loans?

First and foremost, CU Lending Edge provides each individual credit union participant with the opportunity to capture loans from actual, existing members, directly from the dealership point of sale! These are not traditional indirect loans, but truly direct, existing member loans. The CU Lending Edge system literally provides each CU lender access and exposure to every application flowing into our system to increase loan funding and production. If the application coming in is from an existing member that already belongs to your CU, you get to decision it first! This alone makes the system totally unique and sets industry standards, read on to learn more. . .

We Couldn't Make it Any Easier!

Our CU partners pay less than the traditional costs associated with acquiring loan applications required from other software providers or software programs while achieving a high percentage of automated loan approvals. The entire premise of the program is to allow every credit union to participate affordably, building a strong national program. Remember, first and foremost we want each credit union participating in the system to capture their own member loans!

CU LENDING EDGE Major Differences and Advantages for Credit Unions

1. RouteOne and DealerTrack Interface: The dealer world's premier loan application entry programs are integrated into our sophisticated, robust lending decisioning system which connects you as our participating lender(s) with access to over 20,000 dealers nationwide. 

2. Automated MemberMatch: Our automated engine identifies your members and sends their loan application and credit report data to be run against your customized criteria  

within the system for decisioning! This is something completely new and proprietary to the CU Lending Edge operating system.
    •    Dealers send loan applications directly to the system, not to individual lenders - which levels the playing field, ensuring that every CU in the system gets their fair share of
​loan opportunities from their existing as well as potential members.

    •    MemberMatch actually identifies which credit union the applicant belongs to and sends the loan application to that specific credit union for decisioning.
    •    MemberMatch works equally well in identifying potential members and automatically sends that member to the appropriate credit union (a true indirect loan).
    •    If a potential member qualifies for membership with more than one credit union, the “Next-in-Line” process will be used to determine which credit union the potential 
member belongs to.

Our “Next-in-Line” is an internal algorithmic program built into the MemberMatch process called This program arithmetically ensures that every credit union on the system will get their fair share of opportunities to decision their existing and potential member loans, even when multiple MemberMatches occur with overlapping members and potential members. Unlike any software platform or program in the marketplace today, the automated CULE systems work together to level the playing field for all credit unions participating in the program, regardless of size or field-of-membership restrictions. Considering the economic value of capturing just a few existing member loans per month, loans that you are losing to competitors today, why would any credit union not seriously consider participating in the CULE program as part of their ongoing overall lending and membership development program?

3. Automated, Customized Loan Decisioning (with the ability to make multi-tiered/iterative decisions on each loan): The software utilized by CU Lending Edge is the most highly sophisticated automated lending software in the industry today. In fact, there's nothing like it. The CULE system allows you to capture only the loans you want -  at a reasonable price. It's really that simple!

    •    You have the ability to set your rates and structure decisions from 100's of individual credit report and loan application criteria, literally creating 1000's of loan decision configurations
    •    You can create unlimited number of multi-tiered or what we call "iterative decisions" within each loan product
    •    You'll get the price, terms, and conditions you want on every approval, or you won't fund the loan
    •    You'll never be asked to buy deep or make exceptions
    •    We've built a unique second chance auction program that allows you to review and manually decision loans that were not automatically approve

We know it doesn't do you any good to grow your loan portfolio if the decisions aren't good and the pricing isn't right.  Our flexible, customized decisioning criteria allows you to adjust and modify your loan underwriting and approval standards as you go. Additionally,  our unique iterative/multi-level decisioning process allows you to capture a higher percentage of quality automated approvals than any other automated decision engine in existence today! In fact, the system is so smart that if you can manually decision a loan, you can automate that decision. The system works on the same "what if" premises that your existing loan staff members use in decisioning loans.


4. Back-Office Processing, Quality Control and Anti-Fraud Protection on Every Loan Package:

In addition to the built-in quality control attained in the software, CULE provides 2 levels of back-office packaging and verification services to ensure that each loan package funded meets each individual CUs exacting standards! 

Our promise?

You always get exactly what you pay for. If a loan package doesn't completely validate and verify, which means it doesn’t completely fit your decisioning criteria, it simply doesn't fund! You never get a loan you don't want, and we know that fewer exceptions result in a higher performing portfolio. All of our systems are built to detect and minimize fraud from consumers and dealers including ferreting out "packed" and "straw deals" to ensure complete verification and validation of every single loan that is funded!

5. Quick Start 30-45 Day Time Frame:

There are several product levels and pricing methodologies available. Since we were designed by CU's and for CU's, we are not in the same software and aggregator game as most of the other program providers. You can be up and operating, capturing members and potential members, and funding loans in 30-45 days or less.

6. Leveling the Playing Field - Everyone Gets To Be In The Game and In The Program Benefits!

Our system was designed to work in credit unions of any size and field-of-membership configuration from the smallest to largest credit union, and from the most open to the most closed membership. CU LENDING EDGE was designed to work just as well for your indirect lending program as it does for your direct loans! The CU Lending Edge program can easily be started and maintained in virtually any marketplace or location in the country, from the largest metropolitan area to the smallest and most rural. If there are dealers (or any retailer that sells a product that requires consumer financing) in the geographic area where you operate as a credit union, the program works!

Remember, the system literally identifies and sends existing and potential CU members to the participating credit union where the member belongs! CULE is the only truly fair system in the marketplace today!

Credit Union Opportunities-Bottom Line Summary:
    •    Who Doesn't Want To Serve More Existing Members? The bottom line for most credit unions is often: “What will this cost me to get started?” The start-up costs are

          reasonable, with affordable maintenance costs. But more importantly, consider the cost of not serving your members? One credit union CEO I know tries to impart to

          his staff the philosophy that: "If we don't serve our members, someone else will.” You decide! Will you capture your members’ loans or will someone else?

    •    Don't Forget To Ask The Bottom Line Question: What might I gain?
    •    What could be more profitable and better for your bottom line than capturing loans from your existing members that you are now losing to competing CUs

          and other financial institutions in your area?  Capturing just a few existing member loans per month could make a significant difference to your short and long-term

          bottom line. CU Lending Edge is the only program designed from the ground up to capture existing members at the dealer point of sale with built in validation and fraud

          protection as part of every loan transaction! For those credit unions that want to seriously grow both their internal organic loans and indirect portfolios,

          CU LENDING EDGE might be the program that finally and safely achieves those ever-elusive loan and membership growth goals from non-members. Let us show you how.

    •    The reality of not participating in CULE is this: "The sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity". In other words, if you don't participate we can't send your

          members to you. It's really that simple.  You have everything to gain by participating! Don't miss the opportunity to serve your members and safely and consistently grow

          your loan portfolio.

    •    Immediately begin capturing loan volume from existing members
    •    Increase overall loan volume based on your specific and custom parameters
    •    Increase your overall yield on loans by accepting new, potential members
    •    Produce sophisticated analyses and reports based on your real data
    •    Individually, yet collaboratively increase lending knowledge and efficiency