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  • Immediately begin capturing loan volume from existing members
  •  Get your own members first!
  • Get the benefit of a level playing  field because dealers submit loans into the system and not to individual lenders
  • Increase your overall yield on loans by accepting new, potential members 

CULE Advantages


  • You can create unlimited number of multi-tiered or what we call "iterative decisions"
  • Get the price, terms, and conditions you want on every approval
  • Capture a higher percentage of quality automated approvals  with consistent application of your specific custom criteria
  • Back office validation of loan details minimizes fraud
  • Fewer exceptions result in a higher performing portfolio
  • The CU Lending Edge program can easily be started and maintained in virtually any marketplace or location in the country

Improve Your

Bottom Line

An affordable path to significant growth

Improve Processing

and Funding Efficiency

   Quality and consistency in your loan portfolio

Increase Direct & Indirect

Loan Volume

 Capture them both at the point of sale
  • Capturing just a few existing member loans per month could make a significant difference to your short and long-term bottom line.
  • Start up costs are reasonable and maintenance is affordable.
  • Safely achieve those ever-elusive loan and membership growth goals from non-members.
  • You can be up and operating, capturing members and potential members, and funding loans in 30-45 days or less.