We'll come to you if you want an on-site group session to see how easily CU's and CUSO's can create and gain success with a collaborative venture in their geographic area. Contact Walt Agius to explore the possibilities of holding an informative and educational session in your local area.

CU Lending Edge will facilitate a FREE on-site seminar in YOUR market area at a location of your choice!

Take Advantage of this Ongoing Special Offer! 

Credit Unions in Texas, Michigan, and California already have!

Let us further explain the benefits and inner workings of the CULE program and show you in a face-to-face session how you can harness the power of collaboration in your marketplace to:

     •   Increase existing direct member auto loans as well as indirect channel

    •   Implement a fully automated and custom 24/7 loan decisioning engine in your

       CU at an affordable cost.

    •   Receive exactly the auto loans you want from local dealers in your area

    •   Safely and profitably grow your membership base, regardless of your field of  

        membership configuration

    •   Utilize the RouteOne and DealerTrack systems at lower than average cost

    •   Increase your overall loan portfolio and increase your bottom line income

    •   Make this best loan and membership growth years you've had in years!

We guarantee that you'll walk away from this session better informed and literally blown away by the level of sophistication and ease of utilizing the innovative and unique platform designed by Lendsys Software Systems to increase your loans and income.

Build Market Share And Scale Through Collaboration!

Be willing to collaborate with several other CU's in your geographic area to host one of our informative sessions and we'll be there!

We like to have a minimum of 4 CUs and we'll need about 4 hours to completely review the CULE processes and philosophies.

We'll want CEO's, Board Chairs and Senior Lending and Management staff to attend the session, so it's fine to have from 1-5 people per CU attend. Which means a session with 4-5 CUs could presumably have from 8-20 attendees.

We have found that the best schedule in most markets seems to be a 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM time frame which allows participants to beat traffic in those areas where traffic is an issue as well as allowing time to get a few things accomplished before and after the session.

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Remember - Any CU at any size and FOM configuration, in any geographic area of the country (large or small markets) can participate in and benefit from this program.